the Future

Where we aim to be in 6-12 months

  • We’d like this website to be more streamlined, beautiful, easy-to-use (and bespoke), and to be working as a community platform for co-creation.
  • We want to be working towards a secure, decentralised, open source, commons-owned platform, that can start to be interoperable with other technologies and tools that collaboration partners have developed
  • The community should be able to build and grow sustainably, and organise in a decentralised semi-autonomous way that embed the values, aims and ways of working into each piece.
  • We also aim to have developed a system of governance and stewardship/custodianship of this commons-owned asset.

Please do get involved and help in any way you can!

What the commons platform aims to be in the future

  • A secure, decentralised, open source, commons-owned, social network that anyone in the world can join (see digital inclusion) and that will never be extractive of resources or data (see our promises on data etc)
  • A community that anyone can join and use safely and be themselves, including those whose identities are currently marginalised or vulnerable
  • A place where anyone can share anything with anyone else – things, skills, data; where people don’t need to set up their own website or need a bank account to be able to share or trade with each other
  • A new economy within the platform, where people can negotiate according to their needs rather than exploitative ‘market value’, and where that value/money/cryptocurrency stays in local economies
  • Where people can act together in large numbers to change the prevailing narratives – e.g. an ethical commerce portal where everyone can share data about which companies are most ethical, and decide in large numbers to put their money where their values are, or get group discounts on ethically produced goods