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Connectsign up, introduce yourself, meet other people, and welcome others into the community space.

Collaborate: tell us about your organisation or your technology, share skills and resources with others.

Create: Come together to imagine and build the Future Commons Platform to create the world we want to live in.



  • Sign up to get the newsletter and simply find out more
  • Register to become a part of the community and agree to create the conditions for collaboration together. Create a profile. Add your skills/experience, interests and organisations if you want to be able to meet like-minded people, find content of interest to you
  • We aim to make sure you will be welcomed by someone but we haven’t perfected it yet so just send a message or email if you need help
  • Become a welcome buddy to welcome others onto the website
  • Make friends and chat to others on the Community Space (you’ll need to register first)
  • Share content and ideas on the Community Space
  • Help improve and manage this website and Community Space
  • Share skills and experience in anything from … to… all people and contributions are valued
  • Share resources
  • Help run events
  • Help develop the legal framework, decentralised organising framework, design, technologies,
  • Come to workshops to help build the Commons Platform
  • Learn more about the Commons Platform’s aims and values, and collaborative, accessible and inclusive ways of working; learn how to moderate and steward the platform and help to embed the values, aims and ways of working into the groups to create the conditions for collaboration
  • Come to socials to meet other amazing people who also want to collaborate to make the world a better place
  • Come to our Commons Platform IRL events


  • Bring your group, community, organisation, technologies, platforms, ideas and tools and work out how to integrate them with the Commons Platform (see the current collaborations for ideas about what this might look like)
  • Get support with how to create your own groups that can be interoperable with the rest of the platform, values, aims and ways of working
  • Get support with how to create your own Commons Platform IRL events for your communities
  • Start sharing your tools, resources and technologies with others


  • Help to create the Commons Platform of the future that is secure, decentralised, interoperable and scalable, and where we can all work together to create the world we want to live in
  • Reimagine and create the future of media and content on the Commons Platform
  • Reimagine and create an economy that works for people and planet
  • Reimagine and create a cryptocurrency based on stewardship of the platform
  • Reimagine how we buy things – create an ethical commerce portal
  • Reimagine and create a platform for activism
  • Reimagine and create resource-sharing and a real sharing economy that is not exploitative or extractive