What is the Commons Platform?

The commons platform is values-based social media, built and owned by everyone, for everyone.

It’s a collaborative group of co-creators, of all backgrounds, experiences and skills.


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The commons platform will be an interconnected, interoperable, decentralised eco-system of applications and technologies that will help create the kind of world we want to live in, where everyone is safe to be who they are, and all species thrive.

It will:

  • provide collaborative alternatives to extractive monopolies, and to help people share or trade resources and skills without intermediaries, on both a local and a global level. 
  • provide space for independent media and meaningful member-curated content.
  • create a new economic framework which values everyone and all forms of labour/contribution, changing the narrative about what is ‘profitable’ and causing less harm.
  • give power to communities and create safety for those most marginalised, encouraging healthier engagement between people.
  • increase digital inclusion and digital literacy

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