“Commons Platform In Real Life” events

The Commons Platform In Real Life events came about through reflecting on how we could link up the virtual community of the platform with the physical so that the Commons Platform could also be experienced in person.

How to make the Commons Platform something real that could happen in the community.

By Emma Stow

One of the most fun parts of being involved in the Commons Platform has been spending time with people you wouldn’t normally meet from different backgrounds, jobs and ages but who all share the values and collaborative principles of the platform.

As friendship, connection and collaboration are what lies at the heart of the platform, we wanted to consolidate/celebrate this by co-creating some Commons Platforms IRL events where we could just spend some time together, enjoying food and each others company. Also to provide a regular community gathering where we can collectively offer food and drink.
Given the costs of eating and drinking out in London, this offers a friendly evening with friends available to everyone regardless of budget with everyone either weighing in to help cook or bring food or maybe even taking it in turns to cook.

It’s also a way of sharing the creativity in the group as we all have different skills. For example cooking, music, crafts, massage to name just a few, which was also where our idea of having themed evenings came into it.

We have noticed that some of the best ideas we had have come from just hanging out together in parks, cafes or pubs.

So we thought we would create something around this law of magic and create a space for great ideas or even just have enjoyment to put some humanity back into the London culture which is super goal and productivity focused and often pretty dehumanising.

So come and join us for a friendly and relaxing evening out with some delicious food, great music and get to meet some of the faces behind the screen!

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