Make a jellyfish by 26 October, 2018

So thanks to the diligent, analytical and explicative brilliance of Amy Gibbo we have harvested from the sea (literally!) of Monday night’s IRL event a series of Recipes for Making Jellyfish! i.e. jellyfish models for our MozFest space – no interspecies experimentation required!

Please look at this here extremely fun document, put together by Amy, which explains a variety of simple ways to construct one

Then you can all go make one! Make one with materials that mean something to you or your community! Then we can have a truly diverse family of jellyfish models with which to strain symbolism to its breaking point!

And if you come up with your own way of making one (with , say, lights and engines and stuff) then let us have the instructions for building it and we’ll add it to the document.

Thanks all! Swim well. Swim free.

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